Dark Affliction

What is a Dark Affliction?

Lee Richards

Well, quite simply, it is the parent hosting site of numerous web sites owned and operated by Lee Richards. Most of these are related to Life Protection Arts. It is simpler and cheaper to me to pay for one hosting account and have sub-sites. So don't get paranoid because you somehow wound up here.

A "Dark Affliction" in my world of definitions, is simply something that consumes my mind and clouds out most everything else. Since I was introduced to the arts, my mind has been consumed with thoughts and training in regard. That's it, nothing more.

Sites managed in part or in their entirety at this location are;


Lee Richards  
http://www.kenshukai.org An Oyata Te dojo in Kansas City, Missouri.
http://www.tuite.expert A site dedicated to Tuite Jutsu research and training.
http://www.sundownselfdefense.com/ A site dedicated to Law Enforcement and Civilian training for the NON-martial artist.